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Roof waterproofing

Flat roof waterproofing Flat roofs are in general more prone to leaks, and need to be maintained more carefully. If you are concerned about existing leaks, look for discolourations in the roofing. Discoloured patches don’t always appear at the exact spot of the leak. It is best to inspect the whole roof, as water may run, and cause a stain away from the leak. If you suspect a leak is already present, a waterproofing membrane can be used to seal the spot before waterproofing the roof on top of the structural slab

House painting

exterior painting solution by Ethical Painters We promise to deliver unparalleled quality and a unique customer service experience in the Residential and Commercial painting markets. Take time to review what our clients have to say.

Roof painting

Commercial Your Professional House Painting Company Hire the Best Residential & Commercial Painters in Cape Town.

Floor painting

Residential We offer floor painting using the best products that last long with warranty like epoxy

Interior painting

We are the best in painting especially interior like walls ceilings bath tubs doors etc

Laminated flooring

we install all types of laminated floors around cape town